rebuilt caterpillar motor graders

Not all secondhand motor graders are alike. Pre-used graders may be described simply as “used”, or as refurbished or rebuilt.

Each category of secondhand grader differs significantly, in the risk it poses for buyers and in quality, reliability and performance.

Buying a used motor grader

Any pre-owned motor grader may be described as a “used” grader. Without any further qualification, the implication is that the grader is being sold “voetstoots”, or as is – with no checks or modifications and, generally, with no form of warranty.

With a used motor grader, there’s absolutely no protection for the buyer. If the machine should fail or break down soon after purchase, or if specific components suddenly fail due to wear and tear, you’ll have no recourse.

You can mitigate the risk somewhat by buying a secondhand grader only if it has a comprehensive maintenance record. A well cared for machine, with only one previous owner and low operating hours, is less likely to break down or require major repairs.


  • No delay
  • You might (or might not) get lucky with price


  • Very high risk for the buyer
  • High likelihood of suboptimal performance and/or short lifespan

Buying a refurbished motor grader

A refurbished motor grader is one that has had a quick fix and, possibly, a lick of paint. Damaged or visibly worn parts and components are repaired or replaced, and obvious defects are addressed.

Replaced parts are usually covered by warranties but the motor grader itself is not.

Although the repairs may extend the lifecycles of relevant components, they don’t generally extend the lifespan of the machine. Parts that have not been repaired or replaced can easily fail at a later date. There’s also a good chance that any deep underlying problems in the engine, power train or chassis won’t be detected or repaired.


  • safer than buying a used grader “voetstoets”
  • cheaper than new.


  • significant problems and component wear and tear may be hidden
  • no warranty or after-sales service
  • high potential for breakdowns/ short lifespan.

Buying a rebuilt motor grader

A rebuilt motor grader – also called a re-engineered motor grader – has been complete disassembled and then tested and rebuilt from the ground up.

All parts are tested and, if necessary, replaced; engineering software is upgraded; and the frame is given a complete overhaul. The grader may also be repainted.

The process of rebuilding a motor grader should be done professionally and according to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards. In this case, the result is a grader that will look, perform and last much the same as a brand new grader – although it costs a fraction of the price.


  • like-new machine at a much lower cost
  • optimal performance and reliability
  • similar lifespan to a brand new motor grader
  • sold with a warranty and after-sales support
  • very low risk for the buyer.


  • it might not be possible to upgrade all technology
  • some waiting time while a machine is rebuilt.

Where to buy rebuilt Caterpillar motor graders in South Africa

KH Plant is South Africa’s premier supplier of rebuilt CAT motor graders, including Caterpillar 140G, 140H and 140K graders. Our team rebuilds graders using a rigorous process that restores them to as new condition, and all our machines are backed by warranties and comprehensive after-sales support.

If your business is in need of a grader, or to have an existing grader rebuilt, contact us to discuss your needs.

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