Caterpillar Graders for Sale in Kenya

KH Plant motor graders in Kenya

At KH Plant, we offer clients in Kenya fully reconditioned Caterpillar 140G140H and 140K motor graders. We’re based in South Africa, but we provide our high-quality, rebuilt graders to clients across Sub-Saharan Africa.

The construction industry in Kenya is booming. It’s worth upwards of US$3 billion and employs roughly 150,000 people – and it’s predicted that the industry will continue to grow over the coming decade. However, the industry isn’t without its challenges. It’s highly competitive, and it’s tough for businesses to get funding or finance. This makes it vital to control costs.

Buying a brand new grader from a local dealership can be prohibitively expensive. Often, the price includes the cost of shipping the grader (or key components) in from China or the United States. There is the option of buying secondhand. However, the market for secondhand motor graders in Kenya is limited and risky, with no guarantees and no after-sales support.

Buying a reconditioned grader from KH Plant is an ideal alternative. It’s much cheaper to transport a grader from South Africa than to import heavy machinery from a different continent. Also, South Africa offers a much more favourable currency conversion rate than the shilling to US dollar rate typically used for US or Chinese imports.

At KH Plant, we can provide guidance on the best transportation options.

We offer Kenyan customers advice about securing finance for motor graders.

Benefits of our graders

All our graders

  • are rebuilt by expert technicians to as new condition
  • comply with the highest technical and aesthetic standards
  • are backed by a full warranty and after-sales support
  • cost a fraction of the price of new equipment.

Caterpillar has been a leading name in motor graders for over 90 years. With KH Plant, you can opt for the best while still getting an affordable motor grader in Kenya.

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KH Motor Graders for sale in Kenya

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