Best Motor Graders for Farmers in South Africa

The best motor graders for farmers in South Africa offer the optimum balance of affordability and rugged, long-lasting performance.

These make reconditioned Caterpillar graders a clear winner.

Why hold out for a Caterpillar grader?

Caterpillar is a world leader in heavy machinery manufacturing. For close to a century, the brand has been at the cutting edge of machine and software innovation.

Today, Cat motor graders are renowned for their exceptional build quality, reliability, power and performance.

They’re the first choice for accurate and efficient earthworks and infrastructure development – on farms, road works and construction sites in South Africa and worldwide.

How does a reconditioned grader differ from a new or used motor grader?

A reconditioned motor grader is completely rebuilt to OEM specifications.

It is, for all and intents and purposes, a “new” machine. It’s new in appearance and new in respect of worn or malfunctioning parts. Even hardware and software technologies are updated or replaced with state-of-the-art tech.

These are some of the many benefits of a reconditioned motor grader.

Competitive pricing

Reconditioned graders offer maximised performance at a fraction of the price.

Resale value

In South Africa and neighbouring countries, the demand for and resale value of reconditioned Cat motor graders is high.


Rebuilt machines are quality and performance tested for accuracy, durability and efficiency.


Extensive warranties cover the machine and power-train.

Availability of spare parts

Caterpillar spare parts are readily available throughout South Africa.

Motor grader uses on South African farms

Cat motor graders are versatile machines used to build roads and create flat surfaces. On the farm, grader applications include:

  • rebuilding terraces and embankments
  • recovering soil around the edges of fields
  • grading farm roads
  • levelling fields prior to planting
  • constructing irrigation canals and ditches
  • clearing land and breaking hard ground
  • creating turnrows and windrows.

Recommended Cat grader models

The ultimate motor graders for the harsh terrain of a typical South African farm are versatile and hardworking. These are the best Cat grader models.

Cat 140G

Manufactured between 1974 and 1996, the Cat 140G is a tough, dependable motor grader powered by a six-cylinder, turbo-charged engine. It has a maximum speed of 41 kph, 3.7 m blade width and 7.3 m turning circle.

Cat 140H

The Cat 140H is a robust, fuel-efficient machine that maximises output at a lower operating cost. It features a heavy-duty cutting edge, direct-drive electronically-controlled powershift transmission, and turbocharged engine capable of delivering up to 185 flywheel horsepower.

Cat 140K

Powered by an economical C7 engine, direct-drive transmission and load-sensing hydraulic flow system, the Cat 140K offers enhanced power, manoeuvrability and precision. A maximum forward speed of more than 47 kph, wider turning radius and enhanced blade angles support increased work efficiency.

KH Plant specialises in buying, rebuilding and selling Caterpillar motor graders in South Africa. Contact us online or call  to learn more about the best motor graders for farmers in South Africa and to find a model that best suits your needs.

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