Caterpillar Component Rebuilding

In addition to offering fully rebuilt motor graders, KH Plant provides a world-class component rebuilding service. We expertly repair and rebuild all types of Caterpillar (CAT) engines, transmissions and differentials.
Built to be rebuilt

CAT machines are designed so that their components can be rebuilt multiple times over their life cycles.

The Caterpillar company itself specifies that all its machines, power trains and major components are “built to be rebuilt.” This is one of the keys to the long-term performance and reliability of CAT equipment, which is famous worldwide for its durability.

Restoring Caterpillar components to “as new” condition

At KH Plant, we restore CAT components to “as new” working order, in accordance with strict industry standards and using only premium-quality parts.

Our highly trained technicians diagnose, rebuild and test components using a systematic approach and industry-leading procedures and methods, in a strictly controlled environment.

In effect, using our Caterpillar component repair service gives CAT equipment a second life. It extends the original life cycles of the components and ensures that they’ll continue to perform optimally well into the future.

The cost-effective option

Component rebuilding is an economical option that can save you from having to purchase a new or fully rebuilt machine.

It can also significantly enhance the performance of Caterpillar equipment, adding to the value it provides.

Features of our service

Features of our Caterpillar component rebuilding service:

  • a 3-month / 500-hour warranty on rebuilt components
  • thorough pre-rebuild diagnostics evaluation
  • use of industry-leading rebuild repair methods and procedures
  • comprehensive testing
  • fast overhaul and turnaround times.

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