Restored 140G Caterpillar Motor GraderAll KH Plant rebuilt motor graders offer the performance and lifespan of brand new Caterpillar graders, at a fraction of the cost of new machines.

This is because every CAT motor grader we offer has been through an extremely rigorous grader rebuild process.

Every grader we offer comes with a full warranty and after-sales support. We also assist with access to finance. 

Contact us to discuss your grader requirements.

Benefits of a motor grader rebuild

Caterpillar is the world’s oldest and most trusted grader brand. We specialise in rebuilding Cat 140G, 140H and 140K graders because of their exceptional performance and reliability.

A KH Plant CAT motor grader rebuild offers these benefits:

  • Dependability

Our graders are subject to an extremely comprehensive "bare frame up" reconditioning process and rigorous testing. This eliminates the potential downtime and worries associated with buying a used motor grader "as is".

  • Warranty

Your grader is covered by a machine warranty and a warranty on the power train.

  • Affordability

Our rebuilt motor graders are 40% to 60% cheaper than comparable new machines, despite delivering identical performance levels.

  • Appearance

With a craftsman's touch and a passion for precision, we restore graders to the same aesthetic standards as new machines.

  • After-sales service

Once you've taken delivery of a grader, we continue to provide support and advice, ensuring you get optimal value from your investment.

  • Spare parts availability

Caterpillar spares are easily obtainable throughout southern Africa, keeping downtime to a minimum.

  • Resale value

A motor grader from KH Plant isn't just a dependable workhorse. It will also have high resale value if you decide to sell it.