KH Plant rebuilt motor graders are designed to inspire confidence.

A KH Plant CAT motor grader rebuild can benefit your business in a number of ways.

Restored 140G Caterpillar Motor Grader


Your grader is covered by a machine warranty, as well as a warranty on the power train.


Caterpillar spares are easily obtainable throughout Southern Africa, keeping downtime to a minimum.

A KH Plant Caterpillar motor grader rebuild is an investment that won't let you down, providing high performance but requiring a much lower initial capital expenditure than a new machine. A KH Plant Caterpillar motor grader rebuild can also have more than one lifecycle - it can be rebuilt again at a later stage to deliver the same excellent performance as a comparable new grader.

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  • The most intelligent alternative. Purchasing a rebuilt grader from KH Plant means that you'll benefit from the same performance and reliability you'd get with a new machine, but at a fraction of the cost. It also eliminates the potential downtime and worries associated with buying a used machine "as is".
  • Superior quality. Our graders are subject to an extremely comprehensive "bare frame up" reconditioning process. We adhere to original equipment manufacturers' (OEM) specifications and all our graders undergo rigorous testing.
  • Reliability. Our motor graders are reliable and built to stay that way.
  • Affordability. Our rebuilt motor graders are 40% to 60% cheaper than comparable new machines, despite delivering identical performance levels.
  • Appearance. With a craftsman's touch and a passion for precision, we restore graders to the same aesthetic standards as brand new machines.
  • After-sales service. Once you've taken delivery of a grader, we continue to provide support and advice, ensuring you get optimal value from your investment.
  • Resale value. A motor grader from KH Plant isn't just a dependable workhorse. It will also have high resale value if you decide to sell it.
  • Ease of finance. Finance packages for our rebuilt graders are readily available from a number of leading financial institutions.