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Motor graders play a vital role in landscaping across a range of different industries and scenarios – from sports facilities to farms to parks and estate grounds.

It’s typical to associate graders with road building and levelling of large sites, like mines.

However, modern graders don’t just do the “high muscle” work of moving and levelling ground. You can use motor graders for landscaping precision work, creating and defining slopes, contours, terraces, ditches and more.

Modern graders for precision landscaping

Advances in technology have transformed motor graders into precise fine-grading machines. Integrated laser, GPS and UTS systems are driving significant gains in efficiency.

In addition to ground-breaking tech, the latest generation motor graders are 40% more powerful. Enhanced “power to the ground” means graders can do more, more effectively.

Due to a combination of landscaping attachments and grade technology, today’s machines are capable of the contouring of golf courses, precision landscaping and a multitude of applications in parks and recreational areas.

According to Cat’s motor grader product application specialist, “Caterpillar’s latest generation of motor graders are the most productive machines per size class we have ever produced.”

Sports field construction

Motor graders are ideal for the construction and maintenance of sports fields.

They can be used to prepare the substrate prior to the laying of sod, accurately finish the field to the desired slope, and create a smooth playing surface.

Using a grader for landscaping on farms

Graders are invaluable precision grading tools for farmers. Applications include the:

  • construction and maintenance of farm roads
  • preparation of fields to support optimal crop yields
  • creation and reshaping of turnrows, windrows, drainage ditches and sloping waterways.

Landscaping for estates, parks and gardens 

As a large-scale landscaping tool, a grader can clear debris and level flat surfaces.

It can also construct drainage channels, slope banks and create terraces in private estates, public parks and gardens.

Landscaping of golf courses 

The role of the motor grader in the construction and landscaping of golf courses is multifaceted.

It can clear the site, as well as do all the fine work – from shaping the terrain to design specifications to constructing flat surfaces for the tees and golf cart paths.

Motor grader blade vs. landscape rake-blade 

When it comes to landscaping, a motor grader blade is the most efficient tool for precision grading and levelling.

It can be used to accumulate material, fill holes and cut drainage ditches and terraces.

A landscape rake-blade is designed to rake the upper surface of soil. It removes rocks and plant debris, incorporates compost and other materials into the topsoil, and separates and aerates the substrate.

Rebuilt Caterpillar motor graders for landscaping: what we offer

At KH Plant, we rebuild Caterpillar 140G, 140H and 140K motor graders to OEM specifications.

Every part of the machine, from the frame to drivetrain, is reconditioned to as-new condition.

As a result, our motor graders deliver the same reliability and performance as new machines… but at half the price.

Contact us for more information or to discuss your heavy duty and fine-grading landscaping requirements.

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