Rebuild Your Grader

If you already own a Caterpillar motor grader, we can rebuild it for you, returning it to “as new” condition.
Why have us rebuild your motor grader?

Like any complex piece of equipment, a motor grader is subject to wear and tear, and its performance and reliability decrease over time.

Drawing on expertise we’ve accumulated over more than 28 years in the industry, we subject Caterpillar motor graders to an extremely comprehensive “bare frame up” rebuild process.

We perform rebuilds of all Caterpillar grader equipment and components in strict accordance with original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) specifications. In addition, we incorporate engineering updates and modifications stipulated in manufacturers’ technical information bulletins.

This means that once we’ve rebuilt a Caterpillar motor grader, it looks, works and continues to perform just like a new machine.

Advantages of having a grader rebuilt

Advantages of having an existing motor grader rebuilt include:

  • comparable performance and reliability to a brand new grader, at a fraction of the cost
  • none of the risk, worries or potential downtime associated with buying a used machine “as is”
  • high resale value, should you choose to sell your rebuilt grader
  • on-going support and advice, to ensure you continue to get optimal value from your grader.
What’s involved?

At KH Plant, we’ll begin by ensuring that your Caterpillar motor grader is a suitable candidate for rebuilding. We then perform an in-depth assessment and, on the basis of the results, develop a tailor-made rebuild strategy and budget estimate.

During the rebuild process, the grader will be completely disassembled (including removal of the entire power train) and then painstakingly rebuilt.

Every component and system is rigorously tested, and all needed repairs and replacements are made to match the quality and performance expected from a new grader. Hundreds of parts may be replaced during this process. See our process page for a more detailed overview of what’s involved.

During reassembly, the operator station is fully refurbished, a new set of tyres is fitted and the machine is painted and given a new set of decals.

Finally, the rebuilt grader undergoes many hours of on-site performance, quality, functionality and safety testing, to ensure it meets our stringent performance standards.

For more information about having your Caterpillar motor grader rebuilt, contact us at KH Plant.

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