Caterpillar Graders for Sale in Angola

KH Plant motor graders in Angola

At KH Plant, we offer clients in Angola fully rebuilt Caterpillar 140G140H and 140K motor graders. We’re based in South Africa, but we provide our high-quality, reconditioned graders to clients across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Angola’s heavy economic dependence on international oil prices has resulted in some hard knocks. Nonetheless, there’s cause for optimism, with heavy investment in Angola’s infrastructure and road networks and – thanks to Lusaka’s rapidly growing population – increasing demand for residential development projects.

The cost of new motor graders in Angola is prohibitively expensive. This is due to an unfavourable dollar to kwacha exchange rate, and to the cost of shipping heavy construction equipment out from China or the United States. Another option is buying used, or secondhand, graders in Angola. Unfortunately, this is a risky prospect, with little to no recourse for buyers when things go wrong.

It’s typically less expensive to buy a fully rebuilt motor grader from KH Plant in South Africa and then to transport it to Angola than it is to buy a grader imported from a different continent (and typically priced in US dollars).

Unlike secondhand motor graders bought directly from pre-used markets, all KH Plant graders come with a full warranty and after-sales support.

At KH Plant, we can also provide guidance on the best transportation options.

We offer customers in Angola advice about securing finance for motor graders.

Benefits of our graders

Our stringent rebuild process restores graders to as-new condition. Rather than simply “fixing up” secondhand motor graders, our expert technicians rebuild them from the ground up, complying with OEM specifications and subjecting each component (and the full machine) to extensive testing.

We also integrate the latest modifications specified in manufacturers’ technical information bulletins, resulting in improvements to original grader designs. A motor grader you buy from us will look, perform and last much the same as a brand new Caterpillar grader – at a fraction of the price of a new machine.

All our graders are backed by a full warranty and after-sales support.

For more than 90 years, Caterpillar has dominated the motor grader industry, with machines that offer superior quality and reliability. With KH Plant, you can choose to buy the best while still getting an affordable motor grader in Angola. Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs.

KH Motor Graders for sale in Angola