types of motor graders

Motor graders are versatile heavy-duty construction machines with earthmoving and precision-grading capabilities.

They’re available in a wide range of sizes and are suitable for diverse projects and worksite applications.

The main motor grader types

Graders are available in two main configurations, based on the arrangement of the frame. 

The more outdated, rigid-frame machines have one axle and limited manoeuvrability. Turning radii are restricted to the bare minimum.

Modern, articulated motor graders have two or three axles, with a hinge or pivot point located between the front and rear axles. These machines are agile and easily manoeuvrable, even on tight work sites.

In articulated machines, the articulation joint can be in front of or behind the cab. The latter configuration allows for enhanced operator visibility and an unobstructed view of the blade.

Motor grader size and horsepower

Machines range in size from 25 horsepower (hp) and an operating weight of 5.8 tons to 533 hp and 67 tons. Blade-width capacities vary from 2.5 metres to 7.3 metres.

Graders can have one of three drive systems:

  • all-wheel drive
  • front-wheel drive
  • rear-wheel drive.

Front-wheel drive supports improved performance. All-wheel drive is suitable for rural, rugged conditions.

Mining vs. construction graders

Motor grader models are designed either for mining or construction. Mining graders typically have higher horsepower (hp) and include the Caterpillar 14, 16, 18 and 24. Available horsepower spans the 238 hp to 533 hp range.

Caterpillar construction models vary from the entry-level 125 hp to 156 hp Caterpillar 120 to the top-of-the-range 213 hp to 248 hp Caterpillar 160.

Optional grader attachments

Ground-engaging tools and attachments can expand a grader’s functionality and include a:

  • blade – for moving and levelling earth, and rough and fine grading of surfaces
  • ripper/scarifier – a rear-mounted attachment to break up hard compacted surfaces, tarmac and rocky substrate, and to remove rocks and debris
  • compactor or packer/roller – for compacting material to create a solid base.

Why we focus on Caterpillar 140G, 140H and 140K graders

When it comes to the ideal combination of affordability, reliability and power, Caterpillar 140 graders set the benchmark. They’re also ideally suited to typical conditions across southern Africa.

At KH Plant, we focus our specialist restoration process on the following CAT motor graders:

We rebuild every grader to as-new condition, so you can get the benefits of a new motor grader at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. Contact us for more information about the types of motor graders we offer or to discuss your needs.

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