Cat 140K motor grader

KH Plant specialises in reconditioning and rebuilding Caterpillar 140 series motor graders, including the most recent model, the 140K.

Why a reconditioned motor grader?

A new motor grader might be more reliable than a second-hand one, but you pay a lot more the peace of mind you’re looking for. With this in mind, the advantages of a reconditioned motor grader are obvious.

A reconditioned Cat grader will give you the same reliability and performance as a new machine but at a fraction of the cost.

reconditioned cat 140k grader

The Cat 140K motor grader

The Caterpillar 140K is the latest model in the 140 line and introduces a range of technological advancements. As the replacement to the Cat 140H, the 140K has become known for its productivity and durability.

Close-up of the Cat 140K motor grader

The 140K has a Cat C7 engine that produces up to 171 flywheel horsepower with direct-drive power shift transmission and load sensing hydraulics. These features work together to give you optimal power and precision. The electronically controlled transmission also gives you eight speeds in forward motion and six in reverse.

The 140K is in relatively short supply in South Africa, so it’s worth getting one when it’s available. Each 140K grader’s exact specifications differ, depending on when and where it was originally manufactured but here are some key features you can expect from most 140Ks.


The 140K employs Cat’s highly advanced ACERT combustion technology, resulting in optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

Environmental impact

Along with superior fuel efficiency, the 140K also has hard-wearing components that are designed to last for multiple life cycles. This reduces the machine’s environmental impact.


The 140K’s frame has been designed for maximum strength and durability. All components are manufactured to Caterpillar’s quality standards.


The 140K’s powertrain has been engineered to facilitate smooth operation while the load-sensing hydraulic flow system gives you improved handling and unmatched accuracy.


Safety features, such as the ground level engine shutoff, are incorporated to ensure the safety of operators and to prevent damage to the machine.

Easy maintenance

The 140K features ground-level accessibility to help speed up maintenance. The moldboard can also be easily adjusted or replaced as and when required.

reconditioned cat 140k grader

Reconditioned Cat 140K graders from KH Plant

KH Plant has almost 30 years of experience in restoring and rebuilding Caterpillar motor graders. During the rebuild process, we completely disassemble and rebuild the grader in accordance with original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) specifications. Each rebuilt grader is also subjected to thorough performance and safety testing.

Our factory at KH Plant

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