140H Caterpillar Motor GraderThe Caterpillar 140H motor grader was first produced in 1995.

It features a 3306 turbocharged engine that produces up to 185 flywheel horsepower (fwhp), and direct drive powershift transmission with electronic control. Other specifications may differ slightly based on where a 140H motor grader was built and in what year.

Caterpillar 140H motor graders built in the United States have the serial prefix 2ZK, 8JM or 8KM. Australian models use the 9ZN prefix, and Brazilian models use the prefix 3AS, 5HM or 9TN.

The 8JM, 8KM, 5HM and 3AS units have engine power management, while other models have variable horsepower.

Caterpillar 140H motor grader dimensions

Total length

8713 millimetres (28.6 feet)

Height to top of cab

3131 millimetres (10.3 feet)

Width over tyres

2464 millimetres (8.1 feet)

Blade base

2561 millimetres (8.4 feet)


6169 millimetres (20.2 feet)

Tandem axle wheelbase

1523 millimetres (5 feet)

Front ground clearance

600 millimetres (2 feet)

Rear ground clearance

344 millimetres (1.1 feet)

Caterpillar 140H engine specifications


3176C DITA air-to-air aftercooled (ATAAC) variable horsepower (VHS)

Net power, gears 1 and 2

165 horsepower; 123 kilowatts

Net power, gears 3 through to 6

185 horsepower; 138 kilowatts

Number of cylinders



10.3 litres (629 cubic inches)

Caterpillar 140H operational specifications

Standard operational weight, front axle

4138 kilograms (9123 pounds)

Standard operational weight, rear axle

10539 kilograms (23234 pounds)

Standard operational weight, total

14677 kilograms (32357 pounds)

Maximum operational weight, front axle

7590 kilograms (16733 pounds)

Maximum operational weight, rear axle

13761 kilograms (30139 pounds)

Maximum operational weight, total

21261 kilograms (46872 pounds)

Fuel capacity

397 litres (105 gallons)

Hydraulic system fluid capacity

68 litres (18 gallons)

Cooling system fluid capacity

38 litres (10 gallons)

Rear diff/final drive fluid capacity

47 litres (12.4 gallons)

Circle gearbox fluid capacity

7 litres (1.8 gallons)

Tandem case fluid capacity

64 litres (16.9 gallons)

Caterpillar 140H transmission specifications


Direct drive, powershift

Maximum forward speed

44 kilometres per hour (27.4 miles per hour)

Maximum reverse speed

34.7 kilometres per hour (21.6 miles per hour)

Number of forward gears


Number of reverse gears


Caterpillar 140H steering specifications

Turning radius

7.5 metres (24.6 feet)

Articulation L/R

20 degrees

Caterpillar 140H front axle specifications

Ground clearance

600 millimetres (2 feet)

Wheel lean

18 degrees

Total oscillation

32 degrees

Caterpillar 140H hydraulic system specifications

Pump type

Axial piston

Pump flow

206 liters per minute (54.4 gallons per minute)

Relief valve pressure

24150 kilopascal (3500 pounds per square inch)

Caterpillar 140H moldboard specifications

Moldboard height

610 millimetres (24 inches)

Moldboard width

3658 millimetres (12 feet)

Moldboard thickness

22 millimetres (0.87 inches)

Maximum depth of cut

715 millimetres (28.1 inches)

Side shift left

524 millimetres (20.6 inches)

Side shift right

660 millimetres (26 inches)

Blade pull at maximum weight

19135 kilograms (42184 pounds)

Blade down pressure

13017 kilograms (28697.6 pounds)

Caterpillar 140H circle specifications


1530 millimetres (60.2 inches)

Shift left

695 millimetres (27.4 inches)

Shift right

728 millimetres (28.7 inches)

Maximum reach outside tyres - left

1896 millimetres (74.6 inches)

Maximum reach outside tyres - right

1978 millimetres (77.9 inches)

Maximum lift above ground

480 millimetres (18.9 inches)

Blade tip angle - front

40 degrees

Blade tip angle - rear

5 degrees

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