Caterpillar 140K Motor Grader SpecificationsCaterpillar 140K motor graders feature a Cat C7 six-cylinder engine that uses Caterpillar’s highly advanced ACERT™ combustion technology and produces up to 171 flywheel horsepower (FWHP).

Other notable features of the Caterpillar 140K motor grader include:

  • electronic throttle control, automated protection against downshifting when the grader is travelling too fast and variable horse power (VHP)
  • automated torque management and an Autoshift feature
  • direct drive powershift transmission with electronic control, with eight speeds in forward motion and six in reverse
  • a load-sensing, closed-centre hydraulic system
  • a frame designed for maximum strength and durability, and an optimally shaped moldboard with large throat clearance.

Caterpillar 140K engine specifications

Engine model


Cat® C7 ACERT™

Number of cylinders


Speed at rated power

2000 RPM

Base power, first gear

128 kW net

Variable horsepower (VHP), gears 1 and 2

128 kW net; 140 kW gross

Variable horsepower (VHP), gear 3

135 kW net; 147 kW gross

Variable horsepower (VHP), gears 4 to 8

143 kW net; 155 kW gross


7.2 litres


105 millimetres


127 millimetres

Torque rise


Torque, maximum, net

996 N·m

Derating altitude

3048 metres

Fan speed, maximum

1925 RPM

High ambient capability

50° Celsius

Caterpillar 140K transmission specifications


Direct drive, powershift

Maximum forward speed

47.3 kilometres per hour

Maximum reverse speed

37.4 kilometres per hour

Number of forward gears


Number of reverse gears


Caterpillar 140K steering specifications

Steering standard

ISO 5010:2007

Turning radius

7.5 metres

Steering range

47.5 degrees

Articulation angle L/R

20 degrees

Caterpillar 140K brakes

Brake standard

ISO 3450:1996

Service brakes

Air actuated, multiple oil-disc

Secondary brakes

Dual circuit

Parking brake

Air actuated, multiple oil-disc

Caterpillar 140K motor grader dimensions

Length between tandem axles

1523 millimetres

Length, front axle to moldboard

2598 millimetres

Length, front axle to mid tandem

6068 millimetres

Length, front tyre to rear of machine

8504 millimetres

Length, counterweight to ripper

10013 millimetres

Height to top of cab

3354 millimetres

Width, tyre centre lines

2065 millimetres

Width, outside rear tyres

2452 millimetres

Width, outside front tyres

2481 millimetres

Ground clearance, centre front axle

626 millimetres

Ground clearance, trans. case

362 millimetres

Caterpillar 140K weights

Gross vehicle weight, typically equipped

17510 kilograms

Gross vehicle weight, maximum

22870 kilograms

Gross weight of base, total

14292 kilograms

Gross weight, base, front axle

4172 kilograms

Gross weight, base, rear axle

10120 kilograms

Gross weight, typically equipped, front axle

5053 kilograms

Gross weight, typically equipped, rear axle

12457 kilograms

Gross weight, maximum, front axle

8005 kilograms

Gross weight, maximum, rear axle

14866 kilograms

Caterpillar 140K service refill

Fuel capacity

305 litres

Cooling system

40 litres

Engine oil

18 litres

Transmission/differential/final drives

60 litres

Tandem housing (each)

64 litres

Front wheel spindle bearing housing

0.5 litre

Circle drive housing

7 litres

Caterpillar 140K frame

Circle diameter

1530 millimetres

Circle blade beam thickness

35 millimetres

Drawbar height

127 millimetres

Drawbar width

76.2 millimetres

Front axle, height to centre

628 millimetres

Front axle wheel lean, left/right

18 degrees

Front axle, total oscillation per side

32 degrees

Front-top/bottom plate, width

305 millimetres

Front-top/bottom plate, thickness

25 millimetres

Front-side plates, width

242 millimetres

Front-side plates, thickness

12 millimetres

Front-linear weights, minimum

165 kilograms/metre

Front-linear weights, maximum

213 kilograms/metre

Front-section modulus, minimum

2083 cubic centimetres

Front-section modulus, maximum

4785 cubic centimetres

Caterpillar 140K hydraulic system specifications

Pump type

Variable piston

Circuit type

Load sensing, closed center, proportional priority pressure compensating system

Pump output, standard pump

159.1 liters per minute

Pump output with optional high output pump

210.5 liters per minute

Maximum system pressure

25500 kPa

Standby pressure

3600 kPa

Reservoir tank capacity

55 litres

Caterpillar 140K moldboard specifications

Moldboard height

610 millimetres

Moldboard thickness

22 millimetres

Blade width

3.7 metres

Arc radius

413 millimetres

Throat clearance

120 millimetres

Cutting edge - width

152 millimetres

Cutting edge - thickness

16 millimetres

End bit - width

152 millimetres

Blade pull - base GVW

9108 kilograms

Blade pull - maximum GVW

13379 kilograms

Down pressure - base GVW

7278 kilograms

Down pressure - maximum GVW

13963 kilograms

Caterpillar 140K blade range

Circle centreshift, right

728 millimetres

Circle centreshift, left

752 millimetres

Moldboard sideshift, right

663 millimetres

Moldboard sideshift, left

512 millimetres

Maximum blade position angle

90 degrees

Blade tip range, forward

40 degrees

Blade tip range, backward

5 degrees

Maximum shoulder reach outside of tyres, right

1978 millimetres

Maximum shoulder reach outside of tyres, left

1896 millimetres

Maximum lift above ground

480 millimetres

Maximum depth of cut

735 millimetres

Caterpillar 140K ripper

Ripping depth, maximum

462 millimetres

Ripper shank holders


Ripper shank holder spacing

533 millimetres

Penetration force

8694 kilograms

Pryout force

11673 kilograms

Machine length increase, beam raised

970 millimetres

Caterpillar 140K scarifier

Mid, V-Type: Working width

1184 millimetres

Mid, V-Type: Scarifying depth, maximum

229 millimetres

Mid, V-Type: Scarifier shank holders


Mid, V-Type: Scarifier shank holder spacing

116 millimetres

Rear: Working width

2300 millimetres

Rear: Scarifying depth, maximum

266 millimetres

Rear: Scarifier shank holders


Rear: Scarifier shank holder spacing

267 millimetres

Caterpillar 140K tandems


506 millimetres


201 millimetres

Sidewall thickness, inner

16 millimetres

Sidewall thickness, outer

18 millimetres

Drive chain pitch

51 millimetres

Wheel axle spacing

1522 millimetres

Tandem oscillation, front up

15 degrees

Tandem oscillation, front down

25 degrees

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