At KH Plant, our grader rebuild process has been refined over more than 28 years. A motor grader is definitely a worthwhile investment but can be expensive. Rebuilt graders have all the benefits of a new machine, including a warranty and after sales support, but at a fraction of the cost.

Our facility for rebuilding graders

We offer a visual tour of our facilities and rebuild process, as an introduction to our graders and how we recondition them.

Our graders

We specialise in restoring three models of Cat motor graders – the 140G, 140H and the 140K.

The CAT 140G

The Cat 140G grader

The original grader in the series, the 140G is a proven workhorse, first released in 1974. More than 25,000 140Gs were produced between 1974 and 1996, when production stopped. Cat 140G graders are sought after due to their proven reliability.

The CAT 140H

The Cat 140H grader

The 140H was launched in 1995 as a follow up to the 140G. Even today, this model is a popular choice, known for its reliability. There have been over 14,200 140H graders produced to date.

The CAT 140K

The Cat 140K grader

The 140K is the most recent motor grader in the 140 line. With more advanced technological advancements, the 140K offers durability, optimal productivity and fuel efficiency.

The rebuild process

Our grader rebuild process involves adhering strictly to the latest original equipment manufacturers (OEM) specifications, meaning a rebuilt grader not only operates like new, but is often improved through the addition of Caterpillar refinements to the original model.

Selection: First, we find a suitable machine that meets our checklist of criteria. Not all motor graders are in a suitable condition to be rebuilt. Careful selection is vital.

Motor grader selection

Evaluation: We inspect and evaluate a candidate grader, identifying any unique issues that need to be addressed during the rebuild process.

Grader evaluation

Disassembly: The machine’s powertrain is removed and the grader’s body is sandblasted and primed.

Dissasembly of a Cat grader

Remanufacture: Components are replaced or rebuilt to “as new” condition.

Rebuilding a Cat grader from the ground up

Reassembly: The machine is reassembled with new ground-engaging tools and tyres.

Reassembling a Cat grader

Testing: All our machines undergo stringent testing for performance and safety.

Grader inspection and testing

The benefits of a rebuilt grader from KH Plant

A reconditioned and rebuilt Caterpillar motor grader from KH Plant offers many benefits, including:

  • the dependability and familiarity of a well-trusted Caterpillar model
  • much lower cost than a new motor grader
  • performance and lifespan comparable to those of a brand new machine
  • a full warranty and after-sales support.
Our facility for rebuilding Cat graders

With a reconditioned grader from KH Plant, you get all the benefits of a new motor grader at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. Contact us for more information about buying a rebuilt grader or to discuss your needs.

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