reconditioning graders

At KH Plant, we recondition Caterpillar 140G, 140K and 140H motor graders.

Our rebuild process is a painstaking one that involves completely disassembling and then rebuilding each grader, to ensure optimal performance and compliance with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

Here we provide a simplified overview of the reconditioning process we follow.

Step #1: Selection and in-depth evaluation of a grader

First we test that a motor grader meets a standardised list of requirements, to determine its suitability for the reconditioning process.

Then our technicians conduct a detailed evaluation of all the machine’s core components, as well as an oil and fluid examination. This involves using specialised hydraulic meters and computer diagnostics.

Based on the results of testing and individual technicians’ observations, our team develops a unique top-to-bottom rebuild strategy for the grader.

Step #2: Machine disassembly and inspection

The motor grader is sandblasted and primed, and its power train is removed so our technicians can properly inspect the chassis.

Our team then inspects and, where relevant, tests the performance of components such as the:

  • main frame
  • front axle
  • drawbar group
  • circle/blade group
  • ripper group.

We also focus on the grader’s main articulation. Often it’s necessary to perform line boring to bring measured tolerances in line with original specifications.

Step # 3: Rebuild, repair and replace

The entire power train is rebuilt in line with Caterpillar guidelines. Hundreds of small components, such as seals, hoses, gaskets, belts, switches and wiring, are typically reconditioned or replaced with new parts.

The transmission, differential, final drives, torque converter, radiator and engine are stress tested to assess output and performance, and are adjusted and repaired as required.

Where viable, latest generation engineering updates and electronic control modules and software are incorporated into the machine, to maximise productivity.

Step #4: Grader reassembly

During the reassembly process, all critical clearance, torque and pressure settings are logged and preserved, and the operator station is fully refurbished.

In addition, the hydraulic, lubrication, steering, fuel, cooling and exhaust systems are fully overhauled.

The finished product is then painted and fitted with new ground engaging tools (GETs) and a fresh set of tyres.

Step #5: Performance testing

As the final step, our team conducts a comprehensive series of tests to assess rebuild quality and machine performance. For example, this includes testing throttle response, stall speed rpm, transmission and steering clutch response and turbocharger boosts.

The reconditioned motor grader is then put through its paces on site, prior to delivery.

Why ours are the best rebuilt graders in SA

At KH Plant, we take pride in every CAT motor grader we recondition. Our rigorous rebuild process ensures that a grader we recondition will look, perform and last the same as a new machine – and all our graders come with warrantees and after-sales support.

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