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All Caterpillar motor grader models are known for being reliable and robust workhorses – old and new.

At KH Plant, we refurbish second-hand Caterpillar motor graders to like-new condition. This means you can invest in a CAT grader that’s as reliable as a new machine but without the higher cost.

Naming of CAT grader models

In the past, CAT’s motor grader models used a two- or three-digit model number followed by a letter. The number stayed the same and the letter changed with each generation. Caterpillar has since simplified the system so that size and application are easier to understand.

These days, construction-class graders use a three-digit number from smallest to largest (120, 140, 150, 160) and mining-class graders use a two-digit number to represent the blade length (14, 16, 18 and 24). This way you can tell the class of grader at a glance.

A guide to CAT grader models

Below we offer an overview of CAT motor grader models, including older models that are still in widespread use. There are six construction-class motor graders and five mining-class graders.

120/120 AWD

cat 120

The CAT 120/120 AWD features the next generation cab for more control and comfort. The CAT C7.1 motor uses less fuel with ECO mode. It has a base power of 93 kw, weighs 16,454 kg and has a 3.7-metre blade width with a maximum cut depth of 775 mm.


cat 12k

The CAT 12K boasts aggressive blades angles, optimised moldboard curvature and large throat clearance. The power shift countershaft transmission maximises power to the ground. It has a base power of 108 kw, weighs 16,791 kg and has a 3.7-metre blade with a cut depth of 735 mm.


cat 140

The CAT 140 is designed for operator comfort and can reduce fatigue for better production. It features the fuel-efficient C7 motor and electronic throttle control. The 140 has a base power of 136 kw, weighs 18,400 kg and has a 3.7-metre blade with 715 mm cut depth.

140GC/140GC AWD

cat 140 gc

The CAT 140 GC/140 GC AWD boasts low cost-per-hour operation. The on-demand fan reduces under-hood heat for longer component life and longer maintenance cycles. The base power is 131 kw, the weight is 17,390 kg and the blade is 3.7 metres long with a 735 maximum cut depth.


cat 140k

The CAT 140K also features the power shift countershaft transmission to maximise power to the ground. The optional autoshift transmission automatically shifts the transmission at optimal shift points. Base power is 128 kw, weight is 17,271 kg and the blade width is 3.7 metres.

150/150 AWD

cat 150

The CAT 150/150 AWD has a differential lock that automatically locks and unlocks for easier operation and to protect the power train. The 150 has a base power of 136 kw, weighs 18,991 kg and has a 3.7-metre blade.


cat 160k

The CAT 160K allows for aggressive blade angles and features the power shift countershaft transmission. The moldboard curvature and large throat clearance allow materials to move more freely along the blade. The base power is 139 kw, the weight is 17,706 kg and the blade width is 3.7 metres.


cat 14

The CAT 14 features ECO mode for better fuel efficiency. Integrated CAT technologies also work to increase accuracy, reduce rework and reduce operator fatigue. The base power is 178 kw, the weight 25,968 kg and the blade width is 4.2 metres.


cat 16

The CAT 16 is ideal for mine operations and haul roads. CAT grade control helps maintain the cross slope and CAT MineStar helps with fleet management. Base power is 216 kw, the weight is 32,411 kg and the blade width is 4.9 metres.


cat 18

The CAT 18 is also a mining site champ. Featuring ECO mode, grade control and CAT MineStar. Variable horse power provides the ideal amount of power in any gear. The 18 has a base power of 227 kw, weighs 33,713 kg and has a 5.5-metre blade.


cat 24

The CAT 24 is the largest grader. It’s designed to tackle wide-haul roads. Its hefty weight ensures the best traction and blade down pressure. The 24 has a base power of 399 kw, a weight of 73,344 kg and a blade width of 7.3 metres.

Why we focus on CAT 140G, 140H and 140K graders

At KH Plant, we understand Caterpillar motor grader models – old and new. We have identified the CAT 140G, 140H and 140K as the models that offer the most to our South African and African clients. They combine affordability with power and reliability.

We specialise in restoring Caterpillar 140G, 140H and 140K motor graders and components to as-new condition – so you can get the benefits of a new motor grader at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs.

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