Caterpillar 140 motor grader maintenance tips

Caterpillar 140 motor graders are well-proven workhorses in the world of construction. Many industry professionals attest to their reliability and durability.

But even a hardy CAT 140 motor grader will start to stumble if it’s not properly maintained. All parts of the motor grader are designed to work closely together, so no part can be neglected or overlooked.

Regular Caterpillar 140 motor grader maintenance will ensure your machine keeps working optimally. Below, we offer some tips and guidelines for ensuring your maintenance schedule is on track.

Caterpillar 140 motor grader maintenance tips

Here are the areas of maintenance that you should be keeping an eye on to ensure proper operation.

Moldboard and blade maintenance

The blade, and the moldboard it’s attached to, endure a lot of wear and tear during grader operation. Blades need to be checked regularly because they often need to be replaced.

Ideally, the blade should be checked every 25 to 50 hours of operation. If the blade is worn down too much, the moldboard could be damaged during operation.

Ensure you check the bolts that keep the blade in place on the moldboard for any signs of wear and tear.

Blade slide and turntable maintenance

The blade slide is what allows the moldboard to move on a swivel track. It must be checked to ensure smooth moldboard operation.

The bronze or metal shim glides that control the blade slide’s movement should also be checked for wear and tear.

The glides are situated at four different points and should be replaced simultaneously, but it’s a relatively quick-and-easy process.

For a more controlled and finer cut, the brushings in the slide can’t give too much play. If the slide’s movement is too loose, the clevis pins keeping it in place might need to be replaced.

Air filter maintenance

Working on construction sites and gravel roads kicks up a lot of dust, which can compromise your air filters over time.

Air filters should be replaced as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. If your machine has a “restricted alert” signal, this indicates a problem with airflow and that filters should be checked.

Pre-filters can help reduce the amount of dust that reached the filters, so they can be fitted to cut down on filter replacements.

Scarifier maintenance

Scarifiers assist with rough grading or cut-outs to take the pressure off the moldboard. Not all CAT 140 motor graders are fitted with scarifiers.

If your machine has a scarifier, it requires frequent checking to ensure the “teeth” haven’t worn down too much.

If they wear down to the point where they reach the scarifier shank or pocket, you might have to replace the shank at great cost.

Operator station and controls maintenance

The operator’s station, including the seat, seatbelt, mirrors, floor mat and handles, should be checked. Also, controls must be checked before operation to make sure everything is working.

Any issues, especially anything affecting the operator’s function or might be a safety concern, must be rectified before operation.

Tyre maintenance

Good traction is vital for a good grade, so you should be monitoring your tyre pressure continuously while doing a grading job. Tyre pressure should be double-checked if the grader has been standing for any length of time.

For decent grip, the tyre tread should be checked regularly. It must be a minimum of 1.27 cm deep for a “good bite”.

Other maintenance

Other common-sense maintenance that should be done periodically includes:

  • keeping an eye on the hydraulic cylinder
  • checking all seals
  • greasing and lubricating
  • regularly checking for suspicious leaks or drips.

How KH Plant can help with CAT 140 grader maintenance

At KH Plant, we specialise in rebuilding Caterpillar graders. We know these machines inside and out, so a Caterpillar grader rebuilt by us operates like a new machine.

We also do component rebuilds, so if there’s a part of your CAT grader that needs to be refurbished, we can rebuild it to “like-new” condition, including a warranty.

To find out more about our rebuild process and our Caterpillar 140 motor grader maintenance services, contact us online or call .

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