caterpillar grader repairs

If you need Caterpillar grader repairs, it’s worth considering whether a rebuild might be a more cost-effective choice in the long run.

The major components of a Caterpillar motor grader are designed to be rebuilt.

An expert Cat grader rebuild can:

  • effectively double the life of a grader
  • save on costs, making replacement unnecessary
  • reduce maintenance costs and downtime
  • add to the grader’s resale value.

This doesn’t mean that a rebuild is indicated in all cases.

Questions to consider when you need Caterpillar grader repairs

Before deciding on a quick fix, it’s worth thinking about the following questions.

Is the current problem obvious?

Are you looking at a straightforward problem – like a part that’s obviously broken or worn down? If so, repairing or replacing the part makes sense.

However, also consider your answers to the remaining questions below. They may change the picture.

Could the current problem have impacted other components and systems?

A faulty component can damage other motor grader parts and systems. In a worst-case scenario, it could lead to very expensive system failures.

This type of damage isn’t always immediately visible. And it doesn’t always show up straight away.

Not all problems fall in this category – but where they do, it’s worth leaning towards a professional rebuild.

Is the grader aging? Has it put in well over 10,000 hours?

A rule of thumb for most heavy equipment is to expect a lifespan of roughly 10,000 hours.

A Caterpillar grader isn’t just an average machine though! With proper maintenance and reasonable operating conditions, it could last anywhere from 12,000 to 20,000 hours (or longer).

However, if your Cat grader has already put in thousands of hours, it’s predictable that wear and tear will lead to more maintenance issues going forward. In this context, a rebuild makes sense.

Has your grader needed significant repairs over the past two years?

With wear and tear, a grader will require more on-going maintenance and repairs.

Past a certain age, it will also become vulnerable to more expensive problems, involving failures of key components.

This translates to higher maintenance costs and longer stretches of unanticipated downtime.

Has the grader been performing optimally?

If your grader is still performing like a dream (notwithstanding the current issue), there’s less cause to consider a rebuild.

If you’ve noticed or suspect a decline in the grader’s performance, a more thorough overhaul is in order.

How fast must the grader be back in action?

A simple repair is likely to be faster than a full rebuild.

Project needs might dictate that a grader be up and running as fast as possible. However, there may be a trade-off, with more unpredictable downtime in the near future.

The “sweet spot” in terms of heavy equipment ownership

Brand new heavy equipment is hugely expensive – and as soon as it’s purchased, it depreciates significantly in value.

Old equipment, on the other hand, is associated with high maintenance costs and a bigger risk of downtime. If it’s purchased secondhand, there’s usually no warranty.

A Cat grader rebuild overcomes the main disadvantages in both cases.

It restores a grader to “as new” condition. It gives the grader a second life – with comparable performance and lifespan to a brand new machine (at a fraction of the price).

Need Caterpillar grader repairs – or is a rebuild a better choice? At KH Plant, we offer full rebuilds of Caterpillar 140G, 140H and 140K graders, as well as rebuilding of grader components. All our rebuilds come with warranties. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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