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We offer a step-based guide on how to apply for road building and construction tenders in South Africa. For more details, visit the Government Communication and Information Service website.

Good news: increased availability of government tenders

The South African government is set to significantly increase its investment in road and construction projects over the next two to three years.

The South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) announced that tenders to the value of more than R40 billion will be issued. These will involve more than 90 major capital works projects.

Step-by-step guide to applying for government tenders

The government tender environment can be very lucrative for businesses. However, it’s also incredibly competitive.

Winning a government tender requires more than just offering the best price for a service. It depends on understanding exactly what’s expected in terms of goods and services rendered, and providing a detailed proposal.

Step 1: Look out for tender adverts

All government tenders are advertised in newspapers, trade magazines and online.

You can get the complete (but very lengthy and unsorted) Government Tender Bulletin, which is published every Friday, at these locations:

South African Government

GPW Tender Bulletin

National Treasury

The announcement will tell you where documents can be collected, where any briefing will be held – which you must attend – and where completed forms and proposals should be delivered.

Step 2: Register on the Central Supplier Database (CSD)

Any business that applies for a government tender has to be on the CSD, which is the Government’s list of approved suppliers.

To register, fill in an online application on the National Treasury’s website.

You’ll need to submit compulsory company documentation, which will be assessed before your application to join the CSD is approved.

Step 3: Does your business have the resources?

Make sure your company has the resources to complete the contract in the proposed timeframe, which may be two to three years.

Does the company have the necessary:

• staff, skills and technical expertise

• equipment

• cash flow

• capacity.

Step 4: Collate all company documentation

An applicant must submit compliant and complete tender documents.

If not, the application will be viewed as non-responsive and will not be evaluated.

Spend time researching what good tender applications look like and work on your proposal and pricing schedule. This will take time and cost money.

Submitted tenders must be accompanied by:

• a comprehensive proposal

• all standard bidding documents (SBDs)

• a valid tax clearance certificate issued by the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

If you are unsure about the application process, a contact person is listed on the bid document.

Step 5: Submit your proposal

The advert will indicate where to submit your proposal and the closing date for submissions. No late bids are accepted.

All applications have to be in writing. No online applications are accepted.

Place your tender documents in an envelope with the tender number on it and submit your application well before the closing deadline.

Step 6: Wait to see if your company wins the contract

A points system is used to evaluate applications.

The bidder with the highest score wins the contract.

In the event of equal points being scored, the bid is awarded to the bidder scoring the highest number of points for specified goals.

Now that you have mastered your first government tender, you are set for your second.

Where to find construction and road tenders

One of the quickest and easiest ways to find information on construction and road tenders in your area is to subscribe to a website that gives notification of tenders in relevant sectors and areas.

These businesses also offer other services, such as help in collating company documentation:

SA Tenders

Government Tenders

Online Tenders

Other places to look for construction tenders include:

The SANRAL website, which shows current tenders by region

One of the largest databases worldwide for construction tenders

The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure lists tenders for all the provinces

What we offer at KH Plant

At KH Plant, we can’t help you apply for road building and construction tenders in South Africa. However, we may be able to help you complete the work if you’re awarded a contract!

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