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As a tough, high performance motor grader with fine grade capability, the Caterpillar 140G is the machine of choice on South Africa’s worksites.

It’s a piece of heavy-duty equipment that is capable of tackling multiple jobsite tasks with incomparable efficiency – cutting, filling, spreading, levelling and grading.

What is ground levelling? And why is it required?

Functions of Ground levelling and Grading on Worksites

Ground levelling is the process of clearing debris from worksites, and creating an even surface. It’s a key function at constructions sites, for road building, and at mines, quarries and other heavy-duty job sites.

Construction sites

Ground levelling is one of the most important tasks on a construction site. It provides a level, well-compacted, and stable surface on which to build sturdy foundations.

Once the site is perfectly even, and the foundations are laid, grading is required to adjust the slope and elevation of the site so that water flows away from the foundations.

Grading is also the technique used to create landscaping features on a property. Properly graded slopes prevent water from pooling, and eroding driveways and paths, damaging plants and shrubs, and attracting mosquitos.

Road building sites

During road construction, one of the first steps is to level the ground to create an even surface on which to build a solid base. Thereafter, the various layers are constructed, and the surface is graded at a slope.

By creating a gradient of at least five percent, the movement of water is directed off the road surface, and into side ditches and culverts cut by the grader’s blade.


On mines and in quarries, where haul trucks, dump trucks and other heavy-duty equipment is used continuously onsite, a firm, level surface is critical to site safety and maximised task efficiency.

Without a level surface to operate on, vehicle maintenance costs rise, drivers and site workers are at greater risk, and job performance is compromised.

What is the best motor grader in South Africa in terms of multitask performance and efficiency?

The Multifunction Capability of the Cat 140G

The Caterpillar 140G is the go-to machine when it comes to levelling surfaces and grading slopes.

It’s an all-in-one worksite solution that features a powerful blade attachment and a hydraulic system that provides simultaneous support for multiple functions.

As a result, the Cat 140G is capable of cutting, levelling, grading and clearing. It also has the ability to evenly spread soil and aggregate onto work sites, and road surfaces.

Besides its strength, resilience and all-round versatility, the Cat 140G has the responsive controls required to achieve optimal results, across all applications.

The Caterpillar 140G is a tough workhorse engineered to tame the roughest terrain.

It is also an agile and responsive work tool with the ability to perform the finest grading tasks – on constructions sites, job sites and road building and maintenance sites.

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