Caterpillar Motor Graders for Sale in Johannesburg

KH Plant motor graders in Johannesburg

KH Plant offers fully reconditioned Caterpillar 140G140H and 140K motor graders in Johannesburg, as well as elsewhere in South Africa.

South Africa’s construction industry has faced a tough few years, but ever-increasing demand for commercial and residential space in Johannesburg means that locally, the industry is booming.

Nearby areas like Sandton and Rosebank are also experiencing something of a construction frenzy.

As the city and adjacent suburbs continue to expand, there’s constant demand for reliable but affordable heavy equipment, including motor graders.

A used grader bought directly from a previous owner or via the second-hand market may be significantly cheaper than a new grader, but the risks are high.

Second-hand graders in this category don’t come with warranties. It can be difficult to spot any defects or significant wear and tear to internal components before you buy – and once you have bought, you’ll have little to no recourse if the grader malfunctions.

With a rebuilt grader, you get the best of both worlds. You’ll pay a lot less than you would for a new grader, but you still benefit from a high-quality, fully tested and functional machine, a warranty and after-sales support from a reputable supplier.

We offer our South African clients advice about securing finance for a motor grader.

KH Plant is an approved supplier with the majority of South African banks, including, for example, ABSA, Reichmans (Investec), Standard Bank and Wesbank.

Benefits of our graders

Our stringent rebuild process ensures that our motor graders offer all the benefits of new graders, at a fraction of the cost.

Our highly experienced technicians disassemble, completely rebuild and comprehensively test our motor graders, ensuring that they adhere to the strictest OEM standards and will perform and last like new Cat graders.

During the rebuild process, we also incorporate the latest modifications specified in manufacturers’ technical information bulletins, potentially improving on the graders’ original functionality.

All our rebuilt graders come with a full warranty and after-sales support.

For more than 90 years, Caterpillar has dominated the motor grader industry. With KH Plant’s affordable Cat motor graders for sale in Johannesburg, you can opt for the best – along with a full warranty and after-sales support – at a fraction of the price of a new machine. Contact us to find out more or discuss your needs.

KH Motor Graders for sale in Johannesburg

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