Caterpillar Motor Graders for Sale in the Cape

KH Plant motor graders in the Cape

At KH Plant, we rebuild and recondition Caterpillar 140G140H and 140K motor graders in the Cape region and the rest of South Africa.

South Africa’s construction industry has been in a slump since the 2010 World Cup, but things have started to look up. Investor confidence is at the highest it’s been since 2009, thanks to government’s focus on growing the economy.

We’re also seeing a significant increase in construction projects in Cape Town and surrounding areas. New developments seem to be popping up in every suburb.

With both residential and commercial development on the rise, there’s increased demand for reliable and affordable construction equipment, including motor graders

Buying a second-hand grader is a good way to save money, but it does come with inherent risks. Motor graders just bought on the second-hand market don’t include warranties.

Defects caused by wear and tear aren’t always easy to spot. If the machine malfunctions at a later stage due to unseen or undisclosed faults, you’ll have little to no recourse.

Rebuilt graders offer a safer alternative. They cost a fraction of what a new Cat grader would set you back but with the peace of mind that comes from knowing the machine has been fully rebuilt and tested. You also benefit from having a warranty and after-sales support from a reputable supplier.

We can also offer our South African clients advice about getting finance for a reconditioned motor grader.

KH Plant is a recognised and approved supplier with most South African banks, such as ABSA, Reichmans (Investec), Standard Bank and Wesbank.

Benefits of our graders

Each Caterpillar grader that we recondition goes through a thorough rebuild process that has been refined with many years of experience. The result is a grader like operates like new, but without the hefty price tag.

Our highly experienced technicians have the skills necessary to completely disassemble each motor grader, ensuring there are no signs of wear or defects that would negatively affect its functionality. Each grader is then expertly rebuilt according to strict OEM standards before being meticulously performance tested.

As Caterpillar releases their latest technical information, we incorporate these modifications where possible in order to improve our graders’ performance and lifespan. We also offer a full warranty and after-sales support for all our rebuilt Cat graders.

Caterpillar has been a powerhouse in the motor grader industry for more than 90 years. KH Plant’s reconditioned Caterpillar graders for sale in the Cape give you the option of buying an affordable Cat motor grader at a fraction of the price of a new machine.

All our graders include a full warranty and after-sales support. Contact us to find out more or to discuss your needs.

KH Plant motor graders in the Cape

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