KH Plant motor graders in Swaziland

At KH Plant, we offer clients in Swaziland fully reconditioned Caterpillar 140G, 140H and 140K motor graders.

KH Plant is based in South Africa but provides high-quality, rebuilt motor graders to clients across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Why you should import a grader in Swaziland

Swaziland has experienced a slowdown in economic growth, and a growing fiscal deficit has limited government spending on public projects. On the more positive side, the government remains committed to urban development and a number of infrastructure projects, such as the Lothair railway link.

Swazi construction companies continue to face tough competition, difficulty accessing funding and a volatile economy. These factors make it vital to manage costs.

New motor graders in Swaziland are very expensive because they’re typically imported from China or the United States. The high cost of shipping heavy construction equipment out from another continent, along with an unfavourable lilangeni to dollar exchange rate, adds to prices.

It’s possible to buy a used motor grader in Swaziland. However, buying directly from the secondhand market is a risky option. There’s no guarantee that you won’t be sold a grader with hidden defects, and you’ll have little or no recourse if anything goes wrong.

Transporting a grader to Swaziland

It's generally cheaper to buy a fully reconditioned motor grader from KH Plant in South Africa and transport it to Swaziland than it is to buy a new motor grader.

KH Plant can provide guidance on the best transportation options.

Motor grader finance

We can offer customers in Swaziland advice about securing finance for motor graders.

Benefits of our graders

Our rigorous rebuild process for motor graders doesn't involve just "fixing what's broken" or tidying up used graders. Instead, our highly experienced technicians disassemble and then rebuild every grader from the ground up, restoring it to as new condition.

A grader you buy from KH Plant will look, perform and last like a brand new grader – but at a fraction of the price.

Every grader we supply comes with a warranty and after-sales support.

For close to a century, Caterpillar has dominated the motor grader industry, with machines that offer superior performance and durability. With KH Plant, you can opt to buy the best while still getting an affordable motor grader in Swaziland. Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs.

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Caterpillar Graders for Sale in Swaziland

Caterpillar 140G

Caterpillar 140G

The Caterpillar 140G is a proven workhorse, first put into production in 1974.
Caterpillar 140H

Caterpillar 140H

The Caterpillar 140H motor grader introduces various enhancements to the technology pioneered with the classic 140G.
Caterpillar 140K

Caterpillar 140K

The Caterpillar 140K is the latest introduction to Caterpillar's 140 range of motor graders, replacing the 140H.

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