KH Plant motor graders in Mozambique

At KH Plant, we offer clients in Mozambique fully rebuilt Caterpillar 140G, 140H and 140K motor graders.

Why you should import a grader in Mozambique

Mozambique’s construction industry hasn’t yet recovered to its pre-2016 levels, but there is cause for optimism. The industry is showing steady growth, with increasing investment by government in major infrastructure development and rapid growth in the country’s oil, gas and mining sectors.

Nonetheless, local construction businesses continue to face financial pressures, along with difficulty in accessing credit, high competition and a volatile currency. All these factors make it particularly important to manage costs.

Brand new graders in Mozambique are prohibitively expensive. They’re typically shipped out from China or the United States, and an unfavourable metical to dollar exchange rate inflates heavy equipment prices.

It’s possible to buy a used motor grader directly from Mozambique’s secondhand market. However, this is a high-risk option, leaving the buyer with no recourse in the event that something goes wrong once the transaction is completed.

Transporting a grader to Mozambique

Buying a reconditioned motor grader from KH Plant in South Africa and having it shipped to Mozambique is generally more cost-effective than importing heavy machinery, usually priced in US dollars, from overseas.

At KH Plant, we can also provide guidance on the best transportation options.

Motor grader finance

We can offer customers in Mozambique advice about securing finance for motor graders.

Benefits of our graders

Our meticulous rebuild process restores motor graders to as new condition. This means you can get the benefits of a new motor grader at a fraction of the price of a new machine.

Our reconditioned graders have the following benefits:

  • they’re disassembled and then painstakingly rebuilt, by a team of expert technicians
  • they comply with the strictest OEM technical and aesthetic standards
  • they incorporate modifications specified in the latest technical bulletins released by Caterpillar
  • they’re backed by a full warranty and after-sales support.

The bottom line is that a Caterpillar grader we rebuild looks, performs and lasts like a new grader.

Caterpillar has dominated the motor grader market for over 90 years, thanks to the quality and reliability of its machines. With KH Plant, you can opt for the best while still getting an affordable motor grader in Mozambique. Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs.

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KH Motor Graders for sale in Mozambique

Caterpillar 140G

Caterpillar 140G

The Caterpillar 140G is a proven workhorse, first put into production in 1974.
Caterpillar 140H

Caterpillar 140H

The Caterpillar 140H motor grader introduces various enhancements to the technology pioneered with the classic 140G.
Caterpillar 140K

Caterpillar 140K

The Caterpillar 140K is the latest introduction to Caterpillar's 140 range of motor graders, replacing the 140H.

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