Although the Caterpillar 140G motor grader is no longer in production, it’s still popular and known as a reliable workhorse.

reconditioned 140g motor graders

In particular, fully reconditioned machines – which have been rebuilt from the ground up and rigorously tested – are an excellent investment, performing much like brand new machines for a fraction of the cost.

Here we consider just some of the features that make the Caterpillar 140G grader such a popular choice.


Most Cat 140G graders are equipped with advanced control joysticks to assist the operator with efficiency and productivity. The 140G also has an auto articulation system that improves manoeuvrability in small spaces. This helps prevent operator fatigue and improves overall performance.


The Cat 140G motor grader’s patented system detects and decreases bounce before it ruins your grading progress. Electronic throttle control can also give the operator more control, so speed and torque can be adjusted to suit the task at hand.


The Cat 140G grader is fitted with a 3306 turbocharged six-cylinder engine, producing 150 flywheel horsepower and a top speed of 41 km/h, forwards and in reverse. The 140G also has a direct drive power shift countershaft transmission system, designed to maximise power to the ground surface.


A 140G with the latest Cat grade technologies in place will have an advanced automation system providing in-cab guidance and automatic blade controls to increase efficiency.

For maximum on-site safety, the 140G also features an automatic lock system that keeps the parking brake on and hydraulic systems offline until the operator is seated in the cab.


The Cat 140G performs well in most conditions and over a range of rough and hard terrains. Models that feature all-wheel drive will work smoothly over mud, gravel, sand and snow.

reconditioned 140g motor graders


A reconditioned 140G with the latest upgrades and systems will have improved productivity which means more efficient fuel consumption. This translates into lower CO2 emissions. Caterpillar’s G-Series motor graders meet EPA Tier 3/EU Stage III emission standards.


Comfort and convenience are key in the Cat 140G’s cab. Depending on the machine in question, options include a wide monitor screen, redesigned message centre and flexible brake system. The cab also features easy access storage bins, a comfortable driver’s seat and the option of heating and ventilation.

Reconditioned Cat 140G graders from KH Plant

reconditioned 140g motor graders

KH Plant has extensive experience in restoring Caterpillar 140G graders, from the bare frame up.

Our stringent rebuild process involves completely disassembling and rebuilding each grader in accordance with original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) specifications, and subjecting it to rigorous performance testing. This ensures that a grader we recondition will look, perform and last much the same as a new machine.

Note that the features of a Cat 140G grader from KH Plant may vary to some extent, depending on when and where the machine was manufactured.

All our graders come with warranties and after-sales support. Contact us online or call us on +27 83 274 4882 for more information.

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