Expert Caterpillar 140 grader repairs help businesses get the most out of their investment in Cat 140 graders. They can extend the life of graders, boost their performance (and safety) and protect their resale value.

Possible pitfalls of using a ‘non-specialist’ repair service or technician

A general technician or mechanic doesn’t typically have in-depth knowledge of Caterpillar 140 grader specifications and manufacturer recommendations.

Possible pitfalls of using a non-specialist repair service or technician

With a non-specialist, there is a higher potential for misdiagnosing or failing to diagnose the root cause of problems. This can lead to return visits, more downtime and spiralling costs.

There’s also a higher risk that a non-specialist may (intentionally or not) use sub-optimal parts or parts that don’t exactly match Cat 140 OEM specs. This can also lead to more costs further down the line.

Why use a specialist for Cat grader repairs?

We always recommend using a specialist for Caterpillar 140 motor grader repairs. Heavy equipment like graders is a significant investment, and it pays to take care of this investment through expert maintenance.

A specialist in Cat grader repairs should:

  • help protect your grader’s lifespan and resale value
  • adhere to Caterpillar’s OEM specifications
  • source the right parts, reliably and quickly
  • be able to rebuild components where necessary
  • complete repairs faster, without compromising quality.

KH Plant: our obsession with Cat 140 graders

KH Plant our obsession with CAT 140 graders

At KH Plant, our love of Cat 140 graders stretches back three decades. These well-proven workhorses are some of the most solid and reliable graders available. We’ve dedicated our business to specialising in the repair, servicing and rebuilding of the Cat 140 range.

Our core business is rebuilding Cat 140 motor graders from the ground up. This restores even the oldest of machines to like-new condition. It extends their lifespan for decades. A properly rebuilt Cat 140 grader can last generations.

A look at our rebuild process

Our stringent rebuild process involves repairing, replacing and rebuilding several hundred parts and components of each motor grader so they meet OEM specifications.

rebuild process

This extremely thorough process returns a “used” grader to as new condition. It gives it a full second lifespan. This means you can buy a motor grader that will look, perform and last like a new grader, at a fraction of the price of a new machine.

Along with rebuilding Cat 140 motor graders, we offer component rebuilding services – and our rebuilt components are backed by warranties.

Specialist for Cat 140 grader repairs

With KH Plant, you can avoid the pitfalls of not using a specialist for Cat grader repairs. Our decades of specialist focus only on Cat 140 graders enable us to provide outstanding value and results.

To learn more about our grader rebuilds and repairs, contact us online or call .

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