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On a construction work site, safety should be of utmost importance. Motor graders, like any heavy equipment, carry inherent risk during operation. Improper use can quickly lead to injury or even death for the operator or construction workers in the vicinity.

Following our motor grader safety tips will help protect both workers and operators on the work site. As an added bonus, it will also prevent damage to your motor grader.

Operator safety

Operator safety generally applies to measures taken in the cab of the grader. There are many ways that the operator can reduce any risk to themselves while the motor grader is in operation.

  • Make sure your hardhat and seatbelt are on before you start the machine
  • Once started, check for any warning lights and listen for any unusual sounds
  • Make sure your view out the windows is not obstructed
  • Clear the cab floor of any debris
  • Never allow anyone in the cab with you while the machine is in operation

Operation safety

While the motor grader is running, moving and grading, these tips will help prevent accidents that could endanger the life of the operator and other workers.

  • Avoid turning the grader on a slope
  • Reduce speed on rough terrain
  • Watch for any dangers overhead
  • Maintain a slow and steady speed at all times
  • Keep the grader in gear when going down a hill

Worker safety

It’s often necessary for construction workers on the ground to be near the grader while it’s in operation. The following safety procedures need to be observed to minimise any risk to them.

  • There should be a clear communication system between workers and the operator
  • Use flashing safety lights when the machine is in operation
  • Mark the ends of the moldboard with a flag when grading
  • The operator must always double check the way is clear before reversing the grader
  • No one should ever work underneath the blade when it is raised

Machine safety

Machine safety procedures will help prevent damage to the motor grader as well as undue wear-and-tear. Some of these measures will also help ensure operator safety.

  • Always park the grader on a level surface and engage the handbrake
  • Lock the blade when the machine is parked
  • Ground the blade when the machine is left unattended
  • Always lock the cab when the machine is parked and unattended
  • Ensure the grader is well maintained and any repairs are made by a professional

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