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Moving from a simple “break-then-fix” approach to a more proactive, scheduled heavy equipment maintenance programme can boost construction profits.

It’s common for businesses to approach maintenance only as a cost. Instead, it could be viewed as a profit centre.

As this article states, “…money saved or generated by maintenance goes directly to the bottom line.”

An example: how maintenance can boost profits

An easy way to assess the rand impact of a proactive equipment maintenance programme is to evaluate projected costs without one in place.

If, for example, a machine’s downtime costs R1,000 per hour, that’s a cost to company of R8,000 per day. 

Extrapolate the hourly expense across 150 hours a year that the same machine is out of service, and the results speak for themselves – a projected loss of R150,000 per machine.

This does not take additional financial and reputational costs into account.

Instead of eroding profits, a scheduled maintenance programme can improve net income.

To prolong machine life and maintain peak operations, two types of equipment maintenance are required – routine maintenance and preventative maintenance.

Routine maintenance

Routine maintenance involves basic service tasks. It’s carried out on a continual basis and doesn’t require specialised skills.

A typical “equipment service” includes checking tyres, parking brakes, and oil and coolant levels, changing oil and air filters, assessing the safety of the machine and replacing worn components.

Preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance is carried out at pre-determined intervals. It can be according to machine operating hours, length of time or odometer reading.

This type of maintenance involves skilled technicians. They identify potential problems and proactively perform repairs to prevent machine failure.

Ways that effective motor grader maintenance can increase profits

Proper motor grader maintenance can boost profits in a number of ways, direct and indirect.

  • Less downtime: a proactive approach to machine maintenance and repairs can hike construction profits in several ways, key of which is less downtime.
  • When grader downtime is contained, asset utilisation is high, output is maximised and projects are finished on time and within budget.
  • Lower repair costs: according to an American study, a preventative maintenance programme can slash machine repair costs by as much as 25%.
  • Improved equipment safety: well-maintained equipment is safer and more reliable. Job sites, the environment and human assets are better protected. Expensive accidents are limited or avoided.
  • Protected resale value: a digital record documenting regular maintenance checks and repairs preserves the machine’s resale value. It is verifiable evidence that equipment has been maintained according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

How to optimise maintenance and repairs for profitability

To ensure a maintenance and repairs programme improves ROI and drives greater profits, construction businesses are advised to do the following.

Keep a record of breakdowns, downtime and repairs

Maintenance records enable informed decision-making in terms of having components, or even whole machines, rebuilt or replaced.

They make future costs more predictable and can reveal ways of preventing or reducing potential failures and downtime.

Train operators and maintenance staff

Operators and maintenance teams trained in preventive maintenance know how to adapt equipment to reduce wear.

They’re at the “coal face” of operations. As such, they play a crucial role in protecting business assets by identifying potential flaws and alerting management to the need for machine maintenance.

Invest in specialist repairs and component rebuilds

When something goes wrong, “non-specialist” repairs can lead to incorrect diagnosis of problems, repeat failures, extra repair costs and more downtime.

Early detection and expert repair can prevent problems from becoming much more serious and causing irreversible damage to equipment.

Expert Cat 140 grader rebuilds and repairs

KH Plant knows exactly how equipment maintenance can boost construction profits.

We rebuild and repair Cat 140 motor graders and components to OE specifications. Machines are refurbished to as-new condition in terms of both functionality and aesthetics.

Cat grader rebuilds are carried out by experienced technicians to deliver the same output and reliability of new machines. All machines are backed by a full warranty and after-sales support.

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