The name Caterpillar is synonymous with quality, dependability and robustness in the world of heavy machinery.

Cat Motor Graders Rebuilt to Last in South Africa

According to the Caterpillar company, “Caterpillar has always been known for the unrivalled quality of its machines. But less known is that they are built to be rebuilt.”

What we do at the KH Plant Grader Rebuild Centre

At KH Plant, we know Caterpillar motor graders inside and out. We’ve been rebuilding Cat motor graders from the ground up for more than 35 years.

Caterpillar’s 140G, 140H and 140K motor graders are proven workhorses that are designed to be rebuilt, giving them a new lease of life even after many years of use.

What we do at the KH Plant Grader Rebuild Centre

Our systematic rebuild process ensures the engine, transmission, electrical systems, hydraulics, tyres, blades and operator station are all fixed and rebuilt to “like-new” condition.

Benefits of investing in a rebuilt Cat grader in South Africa

A rebuilt Caterpillar grader is a solid investment for businesses in South Africa and across the continent. It will last a lifetime and potentially for generations.

Caterpillar’s trusted name isn’t diminished because the machine is not new. You can depend on a rebuilt Cat motor grader.

The cost of a rebuilt machine is much lower than a new one. Sourcing a rebuilt grader is often quicker than ordering a new machine from a dealer, who may have to import it.

Cat Motor Graders Rebuilt to Last in South Africa

Keeping a second-hand machine going through a rebuild is the greener option. Even components can be rebuilt instead of ordering new ones, which would increase your machine’s carbon footprint.  

Other benefits of a rebuilt Caterpillar motor grader include:

  • a warranty on the machine and drive train
  • excellent after-sales service with on-going support
  • theaesthetic appearance of a new machine
  • a good resale value compared to second-hand machines
  • spare parts relatively easy to find in Africa.

Caterpillar has this to say about the benefits of rebuilds:

“The benefits to the customer are huge. From the obvious cost and CAPEX savings that on average are 60 to 70% compared to buying new, to the extended lifecycle of the machine itself and the improvement in their total cost of ownership (TCO).

“All of these come with incredibly fast turnaround speeds when compared to a new order. This, in today’s challenging world of supply chain issues and stock availability of new machines, can be a huge bonus.

“And, of course, there’s the sustainability benefit. Rebuilds are by far the most sustainable option and so represent a considerable contribution to both our and your customers’ environmental targets.”

Finance for our rebuilt Cat graders

Even a rebuilt Cat motor grader is a significant investment that can require financing. At KH Plant, we offer financing solutions through banks and other funding sources nationwide.

Under certain conditions, we consider a trade-in of an existing motor grader towards the value of a refurbished machine.

To find out about our finance options or to learn more about our Cat motor graders rebuilt to last in South Africa, contact us on .

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