The earliest motor graders were the Auto Patrols – and these formed the basis for all modern motor grader designs.

First motor grader © image via We Build Georgia

Caterpillar's entry into the motor grader industry

Caterpillar first became involved in the motor grader industry in 1926, when the Russell Grader Manufacturing Company of Minneapolis released a self-propelled grader featuring a 2-tonne Caterpillar crawler tractor.

This grader – called No.4 Auto Patrol – was rated at 27 horsepower, and had hand-operated blade controls.

The No.4 Auto Patrol sold well, and as a result, the Russell Grader Manufacturing Company developed another grader utilising a Caterpillar crawler tractor – No.6 Auto Patrol. No.6 Auto Patrol was released in 1928, and was also a great success.

Following the success of No.4 Auto Patrol and No.6 Auto Patrol, Caterpillar expanded its range to include motor graders, and it acquired the Russell Grader Manufacturing Company in 1928.

After the purchase, Caterpillar discontinued all lines that did not feature Caterpillar tractors, and created a separate road machinery division to handle the development and production of self-propelled graders, tractor-pulled graders and elevating graders.

The first dedicated motor grader

The first dedicated motor grader © image via Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club

In 1931, Caterpillar released its first dedicated, motor grader – simply named “Auto Patrol”. It was powered by a 35-horsepower gasoline engine, and was the first grader featuring a drive-train and grader attachment designed as a single unit, with the engine mounted behind the operator.

It was also Caterpillar's first rubber-tyred grader, and one of the first graders to feature power controls.

This revolutionary grader was renamed the No.9 Auto Patrol later that year.

Since the 1930s, Caterpillar and other manufacturers have continued improving on and refining the original motor grader designs.

Today Caterpillar continues to produce and develop leading products, including motor graders. Cat motor graders are known worldwide for their innovative cab features and controls, and advanced electronics and hydraulics.

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