After centuries of neglect, Africa is on the cusp of a bright new future. A young, fast growing population, along with a seemingly endless supply of Chinese Renminbi, is driving the development of an impressive array of innovative infrastructure mega-projects.

Here are six ambitious development schemes that have the capacity to reposition the continent on the world map.

TuNur Solar Power Plant - Tunisia

TuNur Solar Power Plant - Tunisia

Source: Econostrum

London-based solar developer, TuNur, has already sunk more than $12 million into a vast 4.5GW solar power plant capable of powering up more than two million homes in Tunisia and Europe. When completed, the facility will cover an area the size of Manhattan in the Sahara Desert.

It will consist of hectares of reflective parabolic mirrors, dozens of towers extending 200 metres into the air, and undersea cables linking Tunisia with Italy. Although there are a few political hurdles to overcome, the developers are confident construction will get underway soon.

New Capital City - Egypt

Source: The Conversation

Egypt has already completed the first phase of a new administrative centre located 45 kilometres east of Cairo. When completed, the sustainably built 700 square kilometre city will be as large as Singapore.

The new capital will house the Egyptian parliament, foreign embassies and a financial and business district featuring 20 high-rise office blocks, including the Icon Tower which, at 385 metres in height, will be the tallest in Africa.

Construction of a 35 km long green river, fed by recycled water and linking key business and residential districts, is currently underway, along with one of the largest botanical gardens in the world.

Bagamayo Port – Tanzania

Bagamayo Port – Tanzania

Source: BizAfricaDaily

If all goes according to plan, the tiny fishing village of Bagamayo on the Tanzanian coast will become the largest container port in Africa. The proposed development is a joint venture between Oman and China, and is expected to cost around $11 billion.

Aside from the state-of-the-art sea port capable of handling 20 million containers per year, the project includes a 1 700-hectare special economic zone. Construction is expected to start any day now, and a 2024 completion date has been pencilled in.

Mambilla Hydroelectric Power Plant – Nigeria

Mambilla Hydroelectric Power Plant – Nigeria

Source: Compelo

The 3 050MW Mambilla Hydroelectric Power Project is a massive undertaking that includes the construction of four large dams, two underground powerhouses, and more than 700 kilometres of transmission lines.

When fully operational in 2030, the facility is expected to generate 4.7 million kWh of electricity per year. Although the project has been in the pipeline for decades, it was only in November 2017 that a $5.8 billion deal was struck between joint financiers, the federal government and a Chinese bank. Construction is expected to start soon.

Kigali Innovation City - Rwanda

Kigali Innovation City - Rwanda

Source: The New Times

The development of Africa’s first digital innovation city is at an advanced stage and, according to reports, it will be up and running later this year (2019).

The $2 billion tech hub already houses the Carnegie Mellon University Africa campus which, along with other international universities, will host around 2 600 students each year.

Based on America’s Silicone Valley, Kigali Innovation City (KIC) is designed to accommodate more than 50 000 people in technology companies, biotech firms, campuses and commercial and retail properties across a 70-hectare precinct.

Addis Ababa to Djibouti Railway - Ethiopia

Addis Ababa to Djibouti Railway - Ethiopia

Source: Wikipedia

The 759-kilometre, $4 billion railway between Addis Ababa and the Port of Doraleh in Djibouti became fully operational in January 2018.

It provides a vital link between landlocked Ethiopia and the Red Sea, and has the capacity to transport 24.9 million tonnes of freight per year.

Funded and constructed by China, the standard gauge railway system is the first electrified cross-border rail system on the continent, and a game changer for the Ethiopian and Djibouti economies.

It’s not only innovative designs and Chinese investors that drive infrastructure development in Africa; it’s the heavy-duty equipment and local work force.

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