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For construction companies of all sizes, crew productivity directly affects profits. It can also determine a firm’s ability to compete in an economically constrained market.

Here’s how to boost construction crew productivity at the work-site.

1. Hire experienced operators

The cost and time savings associated with recruiting experienced machine operators are immeasurable. Properly trained operators have the technical know-how to detect early signs of machine failure. They maintain site safety and operate heavy equipment according to manufacturer specifications.

Projects are completed quickly, efficiently and safely. Costs are reduced, risks mitigated and the company’s reputation enhanced.

2. Invest in operator training

By consistently investing in operator training, construction companies can maintain a continuum of efficiency when workers retire.

KH Plant and several other South African organisations provide comprehensive training courses, as outlined here. Although the article covers motor grader operator training, most of the providers offer training courses for other heavy equipment too.

3. Deploy the right equipment for the job

With the correct tools and machines, jobs are completed on time and within budget. There are no delays or over-runs. Machine downtime is kept to a minimum and costly rework is seldom required.

By conducting a thorough analysis of each project, back-office support staff can more easily determine exactly what heavy equipment is required and when.

4. Adopt effective heavy machinery management

Heavy machinery is the cog in the construction process. Without properly maintained tools and equipment, crews can’t operate optimally.

A machine management strategy is required that focuses on preventative maintenance. Dealing with wear and tear and mechanical issues before the equipment fails is critical to crew safety and completion of work.

Regular machine monitoring and servicing is a key precondition of maximised productivity. Maintaining a detailed equipment operating database and tracking equipment downtime is as important.

Where to find reconditioned equipment and components

Rather than buying new heavy equipment or parts, a cost-effective alternative is to invest in quality reconditioned machines and components.

KH Plant rebuilds CAT motor graders and repairs grader components to as-new condition. Machines are disassembled and components individually tested. If necessary, they’re repaired or replaced. 

During the assembly process, the operator station is restored, the grader painted and new tyres fitted.

5. Investigate technology-boosting crew productivity

The use of advanced technologies in the lifecycle of construction projects can be a game-changer.

For South African construction companies with tight budgets, it’s vital to make cost-effective decisions. You must separate hype from advances that legitimately boost productivity and profits – sometimes at minimal cost.

Affordable tech reshaping the construction industry

Which technologies are affordable, reshaping the industry and accelerating completion of work? Here’s a selection of budget-friendly technologies capable of boosting construction crew productivity.

Cloud-based software solutions, used in conjunction with smartphones and digital devices, enable remote sharing of schedules, documents and inventories in real-time.

Big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning enrich decision-making, maximise productivity and enhance job safety.

Smart wearables, fitted with sensors, location trackers and Wi-Fi, monitor worker health, safety and efficiency around the clock.

Smartphones, video streaming and instantly shared imaging streamline job-site-to-back-office communications, enabling a quicker turnaround when it comes to dealing with on-site challenges.

Overall efficiency is improved through investment in smarter and more efficient ways of monitoring workers, keeping the site safe, and communicating with site supervisors and machine operators.

What we offer at KH Plant

Acquiring the right equipment is a key way to boost construction crew productivity. At KH Plant, we can help by offering some of the world’s best-trusted, most reliable motor graders – at affordable price.

We specialise in restoring Caterpillar 140G, 140H and 140K motor graders and components to as-new condition – so you can get the benefits of a new grader at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs.

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