African energy projects

At KH Plant, we’re proud that our reconditioned Caterpillar motor graders play an important role in development projects throughout the African continent.

Some of the largest and most positive developments occurring in Africa involve the energy sector. Here we review some of the most important energy-related developments that have been recently completed or are now underway.

The Jasper Power Project, South Africa

Energy has become a thorny subject in South Africa, with routine blackouts and newspaper headlines highlighting failings on the part of national energy provider, Eskom. However, there have been positive developments too.

In November 2014, the country launched the biggest solar plant on the continent. Located in Jasper, which is just outside Kimberley in the Northern Cape, the 96 megawatt (MW) plant can produce enough power to meet the energy needs of an estimated 80,000 homes. The project was funded and developed by SolarReserve, Intikon Energy and the Kensani Group.

Lake Turkana Wind Farm, Kenya

In Kenya, work is underway in the Lake Turkana region to build Africa’s largest wind farm, with close on 400 turbines. The wind farm is due to become operational in 2016. It’s estimated that it will produce about 300 MW of electricity a year, saving Kenya millions in fuel imports.

Williamson Tea’s Solar Project, Kenya

In May 2014, Williamson Tea completed development of a 1 MW solar project on one of its farms in western Kenya. This solar project is the largest so far in East Africa, and is one of only six existing projects in the world to use a technology known as Solar Fuel Saver (SFS), allowing it to work in parallel with the national grid or, when the grid is down, with standby diesel generators. It’s estimated that the project will save Williamson Tea 30% of its total energy costs.

Kudu Gas Plant, Namibia

In 2018, Namibia is due to open an 800 MW power plant near Oranjemund, utilizing gas from the offshore Kudu gas field. It’s estimated that the field contains at least 1.3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. The gas will be transported to the power plant via a 170-kilometre pipeline.

The estimated cost of the project is $1.1 billion.

Trans-Saharan Natural Gas Project

The controversial Trans-Saharan natural gas pipeline, also called the NIGAL pipeline, is due to extend from the Warri region in Nigeria, up through Niger to the south of Algeria. It’s expected that the pipeline, which is one of the world’s most expensive, will carry up to 30 billion cubic metres of natural gas a year to markets in the European Union.

Kilwa – Dar Pipeline, Tanzania

Completed at the end of 2014, the 532-kilometre Kilwa-Dar pipeline runs from Mnazi Bay in the Kilwa District of Tanzania to the bustling city of Dar Es Salaam. The pipeline can carry an estimated 784 million cubic feet of gas per day, for use in producing 3,900 MW of electricity. The estimated cost of the project was $1.3 billion.

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