Affordable Motor Graders for Contractors in South Africa

KH Plant offers affordable motor graders for contractors in South Africa.

Heavy equipment is always a significant investment for contractors. The option of buying a rebuilt Caterpillar grader means you’ll reach a break-even point much faster.

You’ll also have a grader you can rely on for many years to come.                                        

2024 challenges for contractors in South Africa

The local construction industry is on a protracted growth trajectory. Over the next three to five years, the sector is expecting an annualised return of around 6%.

Despite high growth prospects, contractors are facing a slew of challenges.

Issues include shortages of equipment, materials and skilled labour, transport and logistical disruptions, unstable power supply, project delays and cost overruns, and access to capital.

In order to exploit the public sector-fuelled infrastructure boom, contractors must be flexible, resilient, and capable of adapting to the challenging work environment.

Having the correct equipment is key.

Uses of graders for contractors

Graders are versatile machines used for levelling building sites, constructing and maintaining access roads, landscaping, and fulfilling a range of farm maintenance services.

Why rebuilt is better than new

A complete overhaul of the hardware and software actually improves grader performance and reliability.

In addition, you’ll benefit from:

  • up to 60% lower capital outlay than a new grader
  • slower depreciation
  • no long delays typical of dealer-ordered machines
  • similar performance and longevity of a new motor grader at a much lower price.

Used motor graders for sale: risks to consider

Investing in a used motor grader may save you money over the short-term but there are risks to consider.

Depending on where you buy the machine, there may be no recourse in the event of mechanical or electrical issues discovered after the purchase or for compromised performance due to wear and tear.

There’s the potential for future maintenance and repair costs to balloon. With ethical behaviour seemingly at an all-time low, there’s always a chance of the financial transaction going awry or the delivery of the equipment not being fulfilled.

What’s meant by rebuilt heavy equipment?

At KH Plant, potential risks are mitigated by the rebuild process itself.

We only recondition machines that meet baseline criteria and are fully evaluated to identify any issues to address during reconstruction.

Graders are disassembled, the body work is sandblasted and primed, and all components are rebuilt or replaced.

Machines are re-assembled, painted and fitted with a new set of tyres. Cabs are refurbished and each grader is extensively safety- and performance-tested.

At KH Plant, we don’t just rebuild graders to as-new condition. We back them with a full warranty and after-sales support.

Help with finance for our motor graders

If you’re battling to raise the capital to finance the purchase of new or used construction equipment, we can help.

A range of targeted financing and leasing solutions are available through our network of bona fide funders – banks, financial institutions and private lenders.

Repayment terms are flexible and wholly-owned business assets can be used as security or deposits. Funding applications and a list of required documents are available here.

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